When creating authorization, there are some important setup steps to make sure that your sessions save.


The backend setup is crucial if you want to be able to save your sessions.

Cors: Make sure that you have enabled the cors gem and also set up cors.rb

It is important…

Create a migration

If you have rake installed, you can enter in the terminal: rake db: create_migration NAME=name of the migration typically named create_tablename.

Next you worry about creating the table in your migration.

The change method is automatically created and you use create_table to create your table. Other options…

React is an awesome tool and can make your vanilla Javascript turn into something easier to use!

What is state?

The heart of every React component is its “state”, an object that determines how that component renders & behaves. …

I used google API to add google maps to my portfolio project. This wasn’t terribly hard to do because of how much documentation Google has on how to use their API.

The first thing I had to do was create an API key for the type of map I was…

It doesn’t matter if you are new to coding or if you’re experienced. Everyone has felt like they may be behind at some point. For me, it was as soon as Javascript started. …

My Coding Journey!

My Background: I have a bachelors degree in exercise science.

Why is this important? It led me to where I am today!

The University of Mississippi

After graduation, I was unsure of what was next for me, so I went to work for my dad while I figured that out.


Andrew Pellum

The New Guy!

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